Hello, My name is Nikolay and How2ski is my website where I offer private ski lessons at affordable prices in and around Calgary, Alberta Canada. Ski instructing is a trade that was passed onto me from my Father. Ever since i remember myself I have been on skies and I have been an assistant instructor since the age of 15. However, only when i got certified by the International Ski Instructor Association (ISIA) in 2015 did I discover a true passion for ski instructing. I came to the realization that I love teaching even more than I love skiing. After working for several years in Europe including Austria (the capital of skiing) I decided to move to Calgary with my wife and start offering private ski lessons. Although I offer prices lower than any ski school I do believe that the most value with me is not in the cost of the lesson but in the quality. I have been rated top ski instructor in every school i have worked and I have always managed to offer an enjoyable safe and successful lesson to anyone regardless of age gender and skill level. If you are interested in taking a ski lesson call me now and I would love to find the time to help you learn this most amazing skill.

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